About Us

This blog began as a dream in the hearts of our eldest daughters, Kaira and Kendra, when they were just 9 and 11 years old.   I (Dell, their mother) am the blog administrator.

We considered adoption for many years, and prayed about how to best pursue it.  In May of this year, God connected us to a sweet, baby girl who was struggling for life in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  We’d learned of her just a week after her troubled entry into the world, and we immediately began the paperwork we prayed would bring her home.

That sweet baby was wrested from us in an unexpected way, but God although we grieve at losing that baby girl, He gave us Kiffanie!   Click here to read our post introducing Kiffanie’s chapter!

As we began the adoption process, the eldest children pleaded to help.  We assured them that they didn’t need to worry or work toward the adoption, but that by God’s grace, we as the parents would provide.  They persisted, stating that a family works together, and reminding us that our child across the ocean is their little sister.

Next they brainstormed wild schemes to help–most of which were out of our league. (Starting a landscaping business, doing circus acts, and washing cars were a few of their proposals.)  Finally they suggested raising funds through their music, and while it was a reach for their present musical levels, we agreed to facilitate.

At the time of the initial publication, Kaira was 11 and Kendra was 9.  They are bright girls, and enjoy their instruments, but they aren’t professionals nor are they prodigies.  As their debut album, this was in many ways, like a lemonade stand;  We hope you enjoy the lemonade (music), but much of the value is in the experience gained by the girls and in the joy of seeing their entrepreneurial spirit combine with the heart to serve and give.

This album is dedicated to their youngest sister–to help bring her home from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and to donate a portion to the ministry supporting the orphanage.  It surpassed our expectations–both in the quality of the album, and in the generosity of those who purchased to support the girl’s in their endeavor!

Now that Kiffanie is home, we donate album proceeds to Compassion for Congo, to help the family-style orphanage that nurtured Kiffanie in the D.R.C.  Our Kiffanie is home, but other children still await families.  The financial need is great.   If you are interested in specific, present financial needs for the orphanage, feel free to email me for details.

Click here to buy an album and have the funds donated to Compassion for Congo.

Harp & Hammers DRC Fact:  Economy in The Democratic Republic of Congo relies heavily on mining.  Top exports are diamonds, copper, crude oil, coffee, and cobalt.

Kaira (age 11) Kendra (age 9)

Kendra (age 9), Kaira (age 11)


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