This week brought a visit from friends, and then Kiffanie’s first glimpse of extended family.

Earlier this week, missionary friends from the Democratic Republic of Congo visited! We were all so blessed by their fellowship, a slideshow of their ministry in the DRC, and lots of fun visiting!   Kiffanie especially enjoyed visiting with their 12 year old son, and with Papa  Greene, and we discovered she speaks some Lingala!   How often do parents discover their four year old speaks a language they didn’t realize she knows!  We knew she’d spoken Swahili before going to the orphanage, but then she’d forgotten much of her Swahili and has spoken primarily French for the past year she’s been in Pastor Didier’s care at the orphanage.  When the Greenes first arrived, she ignored their greetings in Lingala, but responded to their conversations in French, yet the next morning she surprised us all by chattering away with their twelve year old son, Josiah, in Lingala and giggling at the two-way banter!  She even gestured to Kieran and told Josiah, “I hit that one a lot.”  She tried to style the boys’ hair, but met considerable resistance when she attempted to adorn her brothers and Josiah with colorful hair clips, so she resorted to wearing a hair clip on her lips.  (See the bottom right photo below.)  Kieran enjoyed Bethany, who played with him tirelessly.  (Bethany, you made a friend in this fellow!  He thinks you are terrific–and I agree.)

The Greenes are a fun, generous hearted family, and such a delight!  I’m praying that their travels bring them through our little corner of the world again! (And we’re praying for them as they spend a busy year in the states, and then head back home to the Congo where they work daily to minister in Biblical and lasting ways to a people dear to our hearts!) How wondrous that God arranged for our first visitors to the house since Kiffanie’s homecoming speak her languages, and bring slides of scenes familiar to her! As they showed the slide show she recognized “foo foo” (a Congolese food), and many other familiar sights! She giggled with excitement at the pictures projected on the wall.

Yesterday, One of Kiffanie’s Grandma’s came for a few hours, pushed the children on swings, played games, and joined us for cookies!  I entirely forgot to grab the camera, but it was a lovely visit. Kiffanie had been awaiting Grandma’s visit, greeted her at the door, and after saying hello and inviting her in, announced, “Moi Beautiful!”  (I’m beautiful!)  (She’s got confidence!  We’ll work on humility too.) (I also think her French grammar was wrong and that it should have be “je suis” not “moi”) Her next words are, “Daddy is silly.  Daddy is VERY silly.”   Yes, that’s my Kiffanie.  Greet someone for the first time, declare herself beautiful and her daddy silly.  She proceeded to tell Grandma her brothers and sisters are also silly, but “Mommy silly no.”

No pictures with Grandma, but here are a few from our visit with the Greenes!

Visit with Friends

Visit with Friends

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