Halfrow; Progressive Styling

Now that Kiffanie is home, I keep forgetting to cross post from our main family blog to share the adoption/transition/bonding related posts here too. As Kiffanie’s life becomes even more seamlessly just part of our brand of normalcy (or abnormalcy), I’ll probably stop posting here entirely and post there exclusively unless there’s something specifically of adoption interest or pertaining to Kaira and Kendra’s music.

Before lunch I washed, detangled, and moisturized Kiffanie’s hair, then gave her a half-row (half-afro).  We thought we might be heading to fly kites this afternoon, but kite flying was canceled due to rain-showers.  It was still nice enough for recess in the back yard, so she played a bit before stage two of her styling session.

Here’s the “half-row” style.  I think it could work as a style on it’s own , and might be a nice option for doing her hair in stages–progressive styling.

Swinging a Halfrow

Swinging a Halfrow

Caught Ken With His Eyes Closed

Caught Ken With His Eyes Closed

And finally, I did finish the rest of the flat-rope-twists.  It’s a style that’s supposedly more gentle than corn-rows, and with her scalp still possibly needing a break after the tension bumps from her home-coming style, I want gentle.

Finished Flat Rope Twists

Finished Flat Rope Twists

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