Zipping Right Along

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Things are zipping right along!  Wednesday afternoon, as we played on the swingset, Kiffanie lept into my arms and when I said, “J’aime Kiffanie!”  (I love Kiffanie!) she replied with an enthusiastic, “J’aime Mommy!”  She’s been doing better than we could ever have imagined.  Of course, tomorrow may be a different story entirely, but she’s an amazing, brave little girl!

She’s really enjoying her sisters, and her slaves–er, brothers too!  She can say each boy’s name, but generally calls both of them, “Keegan”, and gets slightly annoyed if the wrong one answers.   They are both a little too eager to cater to her every whim, and adore her–whether she calls them by the right name of not.  She names the right sister every time–something even I can’t manage.

Vocabulary continues to improve.  She says “Chicken”, “Tree”, “Yes”, “Please”, “Thank you”, “More”, “Popcorn” and a dozen or so other words.  Some words slur together.  When we play peek-a-boo or hide-and-seek she’ll announce, “There shoes” when finding someone.  We figured out it’s her version of “There-she-is”, which we say when we find her.

So far she’s pouted briefly when not getting her way, but quickly snaps back into the fun of family life.  Last night she opted to sleep in her own bunk in the girls room, and after I snuggled down with her for a few minutes, she was sound asleep.  She’s been feeling great again after whatever hit her tummy on Sunday, had a and we’ve had no major challenges at any point.  Either Ken or I are with her constantly, both for bonding and because she loves to explore every drawer and cupboard.  When told not to touch, she’s good about complying, but often after feinting a reach for the “no-no” a few times with a mischievous look.  She’s better at cleaning up her playthings than her brothers (Keegan and Kieran, take note!), and dives right into any activity.

She takes bumps in stride and comes up laughing.  She’ll straighten out while on the swing, which results in falling off into a fit of giggles.  If she’s riding in the wagon and topples, she laughs a belly-laugh and hops up to try again.  We’ve been to the naturopath, the hardware store, and the shoe store.  (She loves her new sandals from the later errand.)  Mostly though, we’ve been keeping to a relaxed, home-based routine, playing a few games of Candy-Land, throwing scratch to the chickens, playing with Legos and Kitchen toys, and getting to know one another.

Outdoor activities have been fun with the weather warmer this week.  We’ve done more light yard-work, and lots of play.  Yesterday, Ken set up the zip-line.  We take it down for the winter, so all the children enjoyed ride after ride on the new-again attraction!  Kiffanie loves flying across the yard!  After each turn she pantomimes holding on.

Zipping Along (Click to Enlarge)

Zipping Along (Click to Enlarge)



Fun and Smiles

Fun and Smiles

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