A Quiet Mother’s Day

This is cross posted from our main, family blog, where I’d posted it on the Monday after Mother’s Day.  I realized it might be of adoption interest, so am now retro-posting it here too.

Friday evening, and Saturday were full of wild fun as Kiffanie got to know the house and her new family.  Sunday dawned quietly, as exhaustion from travel finally caught up to her.  Kiffanie slept almost the entire day, waking only to eat a bit of apple, and for several snuggle sessions which ended with her asleep on my lap.  We thought it was just travel weariness catching up, combined with some sadness and adjustment, but after dinner we realized her stomach was upset as well.   (It was hard to miss at that point, as it required clothing changes for both of us.)

Ken cooked a yummy Mother’s Day meal, the children gave me sweet presents, and Kiffanie gave me precious sleepy snuggles, but I don’t think I got a single picture.  It was a lazy, sleepy day, tending a sick girlie.  It was good bonding time, even though it was hard to see her so lethargic.

Today around noon, Kiffanie bounced back, and resumed her customary romping and giggles!

I forgot to take pictures of the children outside this afternoon.  This evening they are playing with the toy food and kitchen utensils.   I’d expected to keep her fancy homecoming hairstyle in longer, but noticed tension bumps on her scalp from the hair being pulled tightly in the extensions, so this morning, while she was still recovering and sleeping, I styled it in loose rope twists to rest her scalp for a few days.  I was rewarded with a happy smile when she saw the mirror.  (Although I’m guessing her approval had more to do with the flower headband than the twists themselves. )

Except for the tummy bug making for a miserable 3rd day home, she seems to be acclimating well.  She likes ice cream, steak, rice and tomatoes, potatoes and fruits, but isn’t sure noodles are food.  She loves the swingset and playing with the faucets, and knows what to do with Legos.  So far she’s said very little in English, jabbering away in primarily in French, but she’ll choose English for debate.  When told, “No more” on ice cream, she flashed an impish grin and said, “Yes more!”

When playing with siblings she calls Keegan and Kieran “mon frère” (brother), but her sisters “mon ami” (my friend.)

Play Kitchen

Play Kitchen

Out of focus photos–my shutter speed was slow, and Kiffanie moves fast.

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