We Have Take-Off

Ken and Kiffanie are out of the DRC and safely enjoying a layover in Ethiopia.  I’ve had a quick, halting Instant Message conversation with him (internet connection was flickering on his end, and Kiffanie was helping him type), and a few new emails.  Below are excerpts from his email–I edited-out most of the process details to respect foreign countries privacy about airport and adoption processes.

At one point an official snatched Kiffanie’s passport and visa papers and declared she could not go!  Suffice to say, there were some challenges at departure and customs, but our God is mighty.

He described several airport/customs hassles then this,

Meanwhile, poor Kiffanie is so confused and scared she is crying, I am so frustrated by the whole affair. Kiffanie is in tears and very confused.

After explaining more of the confusion and challenges Ken types,

On the Tarmac, there is one last look at the passports and visas. Finally one more check of the baggage, and another pat down from the airline. Finally, on the plane, I was able to relax. I admit I have never been so happy to be out of the airport and on the plane, amen!

And, an in-flight note latter (no more hassles, just Kiffanie notes)

Well honey, I fear that we have another Kieran on our hands. The first dinner we had on the plane was fish, rice, salad, a roll, and apple pie. She ate almost none of it, but she did drink the Pepsi. I think a lot of it is nervousness, but I fear she is going to be a little fussy. I know that we and she will have a lot of issues, but I think she will do well. You might want to set up a little bed for her in our room. She should stay with us for a few nights. I don’t know if she will want to come into our bed in the morning, she never did in Lubumbashi. She has been very quiet on the flight so far. Not even wanting to play with the iPad much. I think she is getting tired. I hope she is able to sleep lover the ocean (actually I hope I can).

This is not done, but thought you might enjoy!

Sent from my iPad

In our quick Instant Messenger conversation, Ken says she settled in nicely for the rest of the flight, but didn’t sleep much, and didn’t eat–nor did she eat at the layover in Ethiopia.

Next post, I’ll probably post some pictures of Kiffanie!  We wanted to wait until she was on her way home to us, and the time has come!

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3 Responses to We Have Take-Off

  1. Jennifer says:

    So do you think Ken will kiss the ground when he lands in DC like Stuart did? 🙂 He’ll have to do more paperwork processing when he arrives. He probably already knows this but he’s not supposed to open the packet of Embassy paperwork.

    So exciting and sweet. It sounds to me like she’s nervous too. I know you’re all ready to smother her with love!

  2. Dell says:

    I could see him kissing the ground, lol! It sounds like the experience was rather harrowing. I *hope* he remembers to not open the package of embassy papers–I’d nearly forgotten about that–although I’d heard (probably from you, Jennifer) about that months ago, and told Ken then. Just emailed him a reminder, but… not sure he’ll get the email prior to the package. Praying God will prompt his memory!

  3. Phil Layton says:

    Wow, I feel as if it was just yesterday when I was in probably a near identical situation 6 months ago and with probably some of the same people (deja vous as the French say, from prior month). It was one of the most frustrating moments of my life on the tarmac when I was certain I would never got on that plane … and one of the truly happiest moments of my life when the plane finally took off. I couldn’t breathe easy enough until we were airborne … and would have never imagined how joyful I would be to be in D.C. of all places! I also vividly remember the plane ride, little eating and sleeping for a little kid, and a long day … but the bitter made it sweet later. I definitely know how to pray and will continue to and for the adjustments that follow. The labor and delivery is definitely worth it, my brother!

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