Day 10

From Ken:

Day 10

I am way behind tonight because something was draining the power on the iPad and when I woke up this morning I had 11% left. Anyway poor Kiffanie woke up wet this morning. I forgot to ask her to go to the bathroom before bed, so she did not make it. Got her changed and stripped the bed, fortunately the mattress is protected. She didn’t seemed scarred from the episode. She only ate an apple for breakfast with me, and then when we visited the orphanage, Angelic gave her the normal breakfast. I played with all the children until we left at 10 for the city. Before you receive this we will be out of the DRC, so all paper work is done and it is off to the airport. They do something fun here and really dress up the girls hair before they leave. I will take a picture here and in DC, but you don’t get to see them until after we are home.

We had a good afternoon. Kiffanie ate lunch with me, not a lot mostly an apple. Then Kiffanie started on her hair. It is 8 as I am writing this and they are not done. She has been incredibly patient. Trust me when I say this, she is not always patient! We did stop for dinner. Once again Annie took very good care of us: ribs, fried potatoes, and a vegetable I still don’t know the name of. Didier’s kids helped Kiffanie and I finish the potatoes. I think Kiffanie didn’t eat enough lunch because she ate the rib bones down to the bone.

Love you all,

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One Response to Day 10

  1. Jennifer says:

    Ooh, cannot wait to see her hair!!!

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