Day Nine; Smitten Daddy in the DRC

Possibly the sweetest update yet! Here’s Ken!

Day 9

We are through with the documentation–Almost. The documentation is done but the person we were supposed to pick up from did not come into work. We have the tickets from Ethiopian Airlines and will only have to show up at the airport on schedule. It will give me some time to relax and maybe enjoy Kiffanie a little more. Kiffanie is definitely getting more comfortable with me. Today, when I went down to the orphanage, she was one of the first to come hug me instead of the last. I try not to play favorites among the orphans, but Kiffanie is getting the bulk of my attention.

After we got back from town, I went to get Kiffanie for lunch. I am not sure if they had already eaten at the orphanage, but she did not want a sandwich, just le Pom (apple). Many, many poms she wanted. When I finally said no, she disappeared. I am not to worried this time though, I have learned that she is up and down, and will come back in a little while. She will probably want something else, and not just daddy time.

She did return a short time later and wanted to use the iPad. She likes the game where it shows four pictures and you supposed to pick the correct one for the question it asks. Anyway when she gets one right, we give each other a high five. A couple of times this game, I not only got a high five, but a kiss also. She is such a sweetie!!!

Later, three of the four older girls from yesterday and a boy from the church stopped by to play. Another game of cache-cache and blind mans bluff. Kiffanie really wasn’t old enough for blind mans bluff, but seemed to have fun anyway.

Kiffanie and I returned to the orphanage a little later, and had a really good time with the children. I grabbed them under their arms and swung them around. A little later, they played blind mans bluff. I wish my camera had some power left, but between the children, mostly Kiffanie and the lack of power to charge it, my camera is dead and the iPad is almost kaput. I can only charge one item at a time and for only two hours. I won’t be here much longer, but I think three hours a night would keep them charged. I will try to describe the events, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Angelica’s daughter tied a coat around C****’s head and so he was first. He was pretty good at the game, and wouldn’t wander too far and run into walls. A***** was the cutest she would run over to some shelving and bang on it, then wander around the room trying to catch someone, but also banging into walls, not very hard and laughing all the time. Kiffanie stayed on the floor, so when A***** would feel someone down low she would feel along the floor and then start crawling to find someone. V**** seemed to understand the game the best so she was hardest to catch.

After that game, Angelica’s daughter started a cute game where she would sing a song, and the children would perform certain moves or sing a reply. Needed a video camera for that one. Last, they broke out some little plastic donuts and rolled them around on the floor. It was fun to watch them run and laugh.

I left the orphanage in time to clean up before the prayer time and Annie brought dinner. I thought this odd since it should be prayer time. Then I realized Didier had not returned yet. It made me realize just how dependent I am on him for everything. He has the completed documents for Kiffanie. I’m not sure I could get to the airport or do anything else. I am going to have to stop typing now as my iPad is just about out of juice. I pray that he will come soon.

Didier returned and I am charging the iPad. It will only be about 55% charged when he shuts off the power for the night, I hope it is enough to finish my typing and send the email tomorrow. Tonight I believe that Kiffanie is ready to go back to the US with me. We played the game on the iPad some more, and this time when she got the right answer I got both hugs and kisses. She stopped in the middle of one of the games and leaned back against me and fell asleep. She is such a sweetie. I put her to bed, prayed and am waiting for my water to cool. I got it too hot for my shower tonight. My time is going so quickly, but I miss you all and look forward to seeing you in a couple of days.

I Love My Family Muchly,
Doughy (Ken)

PS. I do not think we will have time to stop at the Internet cafe before we leave. I will try to connect at Addis Ababa again, but failed the last time. I might not get another message to you until Washington DC. Know I love and cherish the messages and prayers that you and others have given me. Oh I asked Didier about the happy shirts, he says that he has them made, but because of my short time here, he could not do it. He will get me some cloth and maybe one of our seamstress friends can make me one.

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