Day 8 in the DRC

Day 8

We are leaving at 10 this morning to head into town for final documents. These are the last two stops and Kiffanie can leave the country, Yeah!!! Annie (Didier’s wife) is also going to check on the price of the malachite necklaces and other things. My time is fast approaching the end and I’ll be homeward bound with our Kiffanie . I went down to the the orphanage and caught the orphans finishing breakfast. The most excited to see me was V***. She ran up and wrapped her arms around my legs in a great big hug. To be fair, Kiffanie had not finished breakfast yet. I am not quite sure what they are eating, but they have the same thing every morning. If it was the US, I would have said it was hot chocolate with bread broken up in it. I know that it is bread that is broken up, but don’t know what the drink is. I let Kiffanie have the camera today (wouldn’t let her have it yesterday, I needed the batteries), and she thinks that she is very important being able to take pictures of all the orphans. If I am lonely or homesick I can always go over to the orphanage and be around sweet children.

Went to town to try and finish the paper work, but  one place is demanding more money. Once again the extra money is not for official business, just for individual gain. Also, the police made $20 off of me today. Heading into town, the police jumped in front of Didier’s vehicle, and demanded to get in. Three officers in the back seat demanding paper work, which of course was all in order. Then threatened to take him to the station, Didier said it would take a lot of time and cost at least $100. They wanted $50, but Didier said no here is $20 and they went away. It would have been worse if Didier was not a pastor and I was not a “missionary.” I will no longer ride in the front seat, the white man stands out way too much.

When we got back from town, things definitely got better with our sweet little girl.  I wandered down to the orphanage where they had just finished lunch. Kiffanie did not just run away like she did in the past. She was very possessive of me, but in a much different way. After a nasty incident with another little boy, in which Kiffanie shoved him on to the floor and a minute later the boy tried to punch Kiffanie in the face, she became very snuggly. Anyway, the other kids went for there rest time, while Kiffanie sat on my lap and for the first time put her head on my chest. She had some cards, the kind that have a something like a ball on it and then spells out ball below it, that we handed back and forth while she just sat on my lap. Then she walked back to the guest house with me. She actually walked with me instead of running on ahead, like she usually does. Back at the guest house, she actually asked for le Pom, deux (two apples). I am not quite sure what she did with them because a short time later they were gone and she did not have time to eat them. I think she shared with the people who share this guest house. Then she asked for balloons. So we broke out a few of the balloons and made a couple of balloon animals, most have popped when I tried to use them for animals, so they were simple animals.

Shortly after we got back to the guest house I was visited by quite a few of the older girls. There are four that I consider older, one is about sixteen, thirteen, ten and eight. One of the girls is with a lady that is passing through on her way to South Africa, they are just waiting for there visa to arrive. However, I was very confused because I counted three girls that I thought were Didier’s, but Anita (Didier’s youngest daughter and playmate to Kiffanie) wasn’t here. I also new that he had three boys and only six children. Didier came to boil some water and straightened me out. The oldest girl was the daughter of Angelic, the lady who cares for the orphans. I often saw this girl down helping with the orphans after she finished school, but the fact that she went to the private school, I assumed she was Didier’s and was just helping after school. Anyway, with that mystery solved, they wanted a few balloon animals, took some pictures of each other with the Kodak and played cache-cache (hide and seek). Later Anita joined us and the son of the pastor who is in charge of the church on Didier’s property. At six o’clock, we went to prayer time at the orphanage. Every Monday and Tuesday Didier has prayer time for everyone on the property. I got there 15 minutes early and was greeted by two of the other younger orphans.  They jumped up on my lap and stayed throughout the prayer time. Kiffanie was not happy with me.

At dinner that night she came in and would not look at me smile or anything. I tried to reach out and touch her and she threw my hand off. I later found out from Didier that she did the same kind of thing to him in Kinshasa. Another training opportunity. After dinner, Didier sent her down to get changed and when she came back, she was actually affectionate for a Kiffanie. She hopped up in my lap, put her arm behind me and fell asleep. I carried her to bed prayed lay beside her for about five minutes and then went to get ready for bed. I think she is finally getting comfortable with me.

I love you all,


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Local Private School

Local Private School

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  1. Jaime says:

    They eat a “porridge” for breakfast. It is cooked oatmeal with bread that has been spread with nutella, and maybe some milk (powder). They are fed very well there. Although, fruits and veggies are sparse.

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