Ken’s 5th Day with Kiffanie

Day 5

Kiffanie has been spending the last couple of nights in the bed that Didier brought in when A**** spent the night. She seems to be a little more comfortable, but is still much better when the other children are around. We are going to have some more training opportunities with her. First is, if she doesn’t like something, but is not necessarily in control of the object (aka. My watch) she whaps the other child on the side of the head. I have noticed that she does this frequently. I have a feeling that our boys especially are are going to get whapped frequently. Might be better to prepare them now.

Didier and I went to town about 10 this morning and you just about didn’t get your daily update. The internet cafe had no power again. However this time Didier had more incentive as I had written a long reply to another adoptive family for him, so he asked and we found another internet cafe with WiFi. I am glad that I can keep you up to date, but also glad to get hear from you.

When we got back from town, it was a little bit earlier than we have been getting back, so after lunch I wandered down to the orphanage house. The kids had just finished lunch, so I was not interrupting anything and took the iPad with me. I became instantly bigger than a rock star. I got a number of pictures of each child, individually. I was hoping some of the kids playing, but I was a rock star after all and couldn’t avoid my fans. They played with the iPad, my watch, I threw them to the ceiling. Needless to say they wore me out.

About 3:30 this afternoon, we went to the Friday night prayer meeting at Didier’s church. The whole orphanage is packed into the van, that was 18 of us, and off to the church. It lasted from about 4 till 6, but only because the sun went down. I thought maybe I had a major breakthrough with Kiffanie at the service, but as I’ll explain it really came later. After the sermon, everybody stood and kiffanie came and stood in front of me. So I grabbed her shoulders and she reached up and took both my hands. It was wonderful and did not even seem motivated by peer pressure. Anyway, she was still a little aloof after the service.

At dinner, Didier got a call from DHL that the package had arrived (there is no way DHL would have still been around at 7:30 at night in the US). He ran off to get the package and kiffanie and I had dinner alone. She ate a little of the pork and potatoes and just got up to leave. Well, that did not sit well with me, so I made her come back and sit down, which did not sit well with her. After a couple of attempts to get her to eat, she finally expressed what she wanted, so I let her go. It was getting late and she was nowhere to be seen,so I was beginning to think she was going to try and stay in the orphanage. When Didier came back, I asked him if he had seen her and went to check. All the kids were watching a cartoon, that explained why she had not come back. I sat her on my lap when she came back, we snuggled for a few minutes, prayed and off to bed. Didier came back and turned off the generator and so I was going to do my semi shower and go to bed to type this. Just as I was about to get undressed, I heard the quiet patter of little feet. I was glad I was not undressed yet. There was a Kiffanie just standing by the table. So I sat down and gathered her in my arms and she let me snuggle her until she was almost asleep. I picked her up to carry her to bed, but had to get her sandals off she woke up a little,so when I set her in bed, she did not want to go. I layed down half on and half off her bed, and then she layed down beside me. I was probably there another 15 minutes, before I snuck away to do my shower. What a little sweetie though. I hope this is the breakthrough that I have been waiting for.

I love and miss you all muchly,

Ken or Daddy

Sent from my iPad

Ken sent the following picture with no explanation except for the title “Goat No More”.  I’m guessing the goat in the booth/stall is about to become goat-meat?  Your guess is probably as good as mine.

Goat No More

Goat No More

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