Without electrical power that is… We take electricity for granted here in the United States.  It’s still much more of a luxury in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  For years I’ve admired my missionary friends there who sew and cook via generator, or in the few hours of power each day. Ken’s note this morning was very brief, but demonstrates the difference in electrical reliability.

How good that God’s power does not flicker or have outages!

Hi All,
Internet cafe did not have power today. I will write more tomorrow, I hope.
Love you,

PS: Kiffanie is fine, but the language barrier is difficult.

For today, that’s it!  Here on the home-front in Wyoming, we are well.  We are getting a few last minute things ready, and I’m reorganizing the girl’s closet.

Local friends are taking great care of us.  The children and I joined friends for fellowship last night and had a lovely dinner of homemade pizzas.  It was a lovely, relaxing time. (Well, it was relaxing for us. They had five extra children who’ve all been about to burst with excitement running around their house!) We are blessed.

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