Ken’s Updates From Transit;

A slew of emails came in simultaneously this morning! Apparently Ken’s been recording details for us, but wasn’t able to get good internet access for a few days, so they piled up. (He’s typing on the ipad, which is very new to us; hence some of typo oddities.)

As I start this next entry, I am about half way across the Atlantic. We still have more than 8 hrs to go. It is kind of fun, the plane has TV monitors that show the progress of our flight. For example, right now it is showing that we 8 hrs and 2 mins, 4513 miles left to go. It also shows major cities that we are close to (or some not so major cities). Our course will take over Spain, but no other European countries. Then across the Mediterranean sea and Libya and Algiers?, before entering Ethiopia.

As of now I am in Ethiopia. The airport is smaller and much more crowded than Denver or Dulles. However, nobody seems to be in too much of a rush. This is my last layover till I get to our Kiffanie. I am having trouble getting on the network in the airport, so I don’t know if you’ll get this before I see her or not.

By the way I did get a couple of books on to the I-pad at the Dulles airport, so I didn’t play angry birds all the way across the Atlantic.

I am not sure how to attach pictures to this e-mail, but I took a couple of downtown Addis Ababa. I don’t know if you can see much, but they will probably come separately. I will write more later.

I love you


Then this:

Hi Wonderful family,

I am almost to the destination, I am guessing that you won’t receive this until after I am in Lubumbashi. I must admit that I am excited, nervous and a whole lot tired at the same time. The airline served a meal that I was not expecting so at least I won’t be hungry also. It has been a long flight but transfers were relatively easy. Another airline praise, they were making a lot of folks check bags that were similar sized to mine, so I thought they might hassle me, but the attendant said no problem to mine. I would have taken the I-pad and passport out, but. Had no way to lock it.

Surprisingly, Addis Ababa was pleasant. We had about a ten minute wait on the Tarmac, but it was cool out. It was 9:30 am local time, but I thought it would be much warmer. I hope to send this e-mail soon, with much more to follow.



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3 Responses to Ken’s Updates From Transit;

  1. Jennifer says:


  2. Jaime says:

    Love the posts!! Especially since I can literally picture everything he is talking about!! Brings back lots of memories! 🙂

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