Dulles Airport, Washington D.C.

Neither Ken nor I have been to our nation’s capital before. Now, Ken’s there, but because he came in at 11:something pm and then leaves this morning, he won’t have opportunity to see monuments or tourist.   He called last night to say he was at the airport in D.C. safely and awaiting the shuttle to the hotel.

We’d forgotten to pre-download books in the ipad’s Kindle app, so without internet connection in flight, he played Angry Birds most the trip.  Kieran found this news particularly funny, perhaps because he’s enjoyed the game himself the few times he’s played.  (I’ve never played Angry Birds; Sometime I’ll have to try it to get a feel for how Ken spent his flight from Denver to D.C!)

This morning, he’s at the airport a few hours early for the flight, hunting for breakfast!  All’s well so far. Next stop Ethiopia, then on to the D.R.C!

Here on the home-front, the rooster is still crowing (and crowing and crowing) as we get ready for church.   Things are going well here.  I’ve not accomplished anything on my list of “things to do while Ken’s gone”, but probably won’t start that list until Monday.

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