Ken’s update from DIA

Ken made it through airport security in Denver (DIA).  He’d promised the children he’d try to give more detail, and he’s off to a great start!  (I’m the liberal arts gal, and he’s the chemical engineer, so he tends more toward “lab report” writing style most the time.  We all asked him to try to stretch his writing-style comfort zone with lots of detailed vignettes and glimpses of his travels.

Here’s part of his email from DIA:

Hi Honey,

I am currently at the terminal and awaiting my flight. Security was a little bit of a hassle, since I had to remove both my shoes and belt. On the bright side, I was in the right place at the right time. as I was looking around and orienting myself to the airport, I saw the security lines on the floor below me. The lines looked long!!! As I was standing there, an airline attendant commented that there was no waiting on the north side of the terminal. She was right! I walked straight through to the security booths.

We transferred to larger bus in Ft. Collins, which was much more uncomfortable. The seats were very close together, no leg room. However, the drop off service was awesome, right next to the check in. All in all very quick and efficient. Another quick note and praise, the lady checking me in said I was only allowed one checked bag and was going to charge for the second bag, but she saw the orphanage placards we had attached and ask if it was a mission trip. I explained the second bag was for the orphanage and that I was picking up my adopted daughter, so she said they would wave the fee. Amen!

I have only been gone a few hours and have exhausted what I have to say right now, however I saw a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream store on my way to the terminal, I think I might go and see if they have anything I might like. 🙂

I love you


I wonder what flavor Ben and Jerry’s he’ll get? Meanwhile, our rooster has crowed non stop since Ken left. He’s not usually this obnoxious. Ken, Lucky misses you! (Or it could be that Keianna opened a window to clean a bathroom so the rooster’s hearing noises from inside the house… naw… I think Lucky misses Ken.

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