Bon Voyage, Ken

What a sweet morning!  Ken played games with the children (appropriately, the game of choice was 10 Days in Africa; exactly the duration he’ll be in the Congo!) and we enjoyed a lovely brunch of breakfast burritos and smoothies.  Then, after a brief family prayer time, we shipped Ken off!  He’ll be spending the night in Washington D.C. (the travel agency comp’d the hotel room).  Sunday night he’ll sleep in flight, and he’ll arrive in Lubumbashi, DRC Monday (12:30 PM, Lubumbashi time.)

You might notice that the farewell photo isn’t taken at an airport.  We are skipping the airport entirely.  (Well, Ken isn’t skipping the airport–that’d be a great trick!)  The children and I, volunteered to see him to the terminal, but ultimately Ken and I agreed that home-based farewells and welcomes suit us best.  We are a low-key family, and prefer intimate, quite goodbyes and celebrations rather than public, busy ones.  Ken suggested we skip all the joys of navigating a 2.5 hour trip each way to DIA as a mob family, and see him off here from home.   There’s a fantastic shuttle service from the hotel down the road, to the airport in Denver, so after cozy goodbyes at home, he was off!  Playing games, enjoying a brunch and praying together proved beautiful and peaceful.  It was a beautiful morning together.

The shuttle service will be perfect for Kiffanie’s homecoming as well.   She’ll be exhausted, and overwhelmed with so many things, so rather than having a big welcome party at the airport, she’ll do the trek from Denver similar to the rest of her journey–with her new Daddy holding her hand.  Her mommy and siblings will be waiting for a joyous welcome celebration in her new home.  There will be hugs, tears, homemade welcome signs, and rejoicing.  We’ll have cookies–likely warm from the oven, and fruits, meats or cheeses for hungry travelers.  When the adrenaline of the welcome home rush wears off, beds will be in the next room, not a hundred plus miles away.

Back to Ken’s departure–the man is amazing!  He wanted everything in order for me while he’s away.  Lighting in grocery stores can induce my migraines, so he did the Sams Club, Walmart, and grocery runs in advance, buying for 2-3 weeks instead of our usual 1.  He filled bins with chicken feed so it will be easy for the children to do chores without much help on my end.  He scrambled around repairing broken drawers and blinds.  Worried that we’d be salsa deprived in his absence, he made up a mega batch last night–and gave me his recipe, so we won’t have a salsa emergency while he’s gone.

Goodbye, sweetie!  We’ll miss you!  Have fun with your first “labor and delivery”.  (He’ll have beat me in pounds in the ‘labor and delivery’ department.  Kiffanie’s weight is higher than the other 5 children’s birth weights together!)

Bon Voyage, Ken!

Bon Voyage, Ken!

Ken will email updates, and I hope to blog often in his absence. I’ll cross post over at our main PrairieFrog Blog. In the past, I’ve put more of the adoption posts here, but for his journey, I’ll likely broadcast everywhere.  Read here, read there–it won’t matter–only the saturation of the photos will be different (and many of those will show in full color here if you click on them.) The other blog may have more news from the home front sprinkled between adoption posts though–where this is more the dedicated adoption channel.  Confused?  So am I.

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