Embassy Appointment Done!

I woke early this morning to pray and await news of Kiffanie’s embassy appointment.  Ken, working the night shift, had been praying all night.  (With Kinshas 8 hours ahead of our time, the appointment likely took place around our 4 am.)

We received the joyous news that all documents were in order!  Pastor Didier tell us that the interview lasted a mere 20 seconds, he answered two simple questions, signed and was done.  We serve a mighty God!

I love little glimpses Pastor Didier shares with us of Kiffanie.  I especially enjoyed this from today’s email.

Kiffanie was very very happy after we left the embassy because I told her that she has her visa and papa is coming to pick her. She was very happy. I bought chocalate to her and she ate it very fast. I understood that she was happy. She doesn’t eat fast usually. She eat very slowly. You should be very patient with her when she is eating.

Of course, Kieran is a selective dawdler on many foods, but eagerly gobbles chocolate whether he’s happy for other reasons or not, so it might just be the chocolate rather than excitement.  Either way, it’s good to know she likes chocolate–proof she really is my daughter!

Ken leaves on Saturday–less than 5 full days from now!  Somewhere, amid all the delays and complications things began to feel less real, but today’s news made it all seem tangible again.  (Just in time too, because we’ve got to get Ken packed!)

Ken went shopping for travel sized shampoo and Cliff bars.  I’ve souped up the ipad in hopes Ken can learn to use it to email updates from Lubumbashi, and we are finally feeling the joyous nearness of our little girl’s homecoming!

While Ken’s gone, I’ll go through our totes of dresses in the barn and wash up those that are my best guess for Kiffanie’s size.  We have her height and weight, so that helps!  Her room (shared with sisters) is ready and waiting.

Prayers for the moment are for Kiffanie and Didier’s flight home to Lubumbashi (from Kinshasa) to be uneventful tomorrow, and for the passport and visa to arrive soon after them.  (They didn’t receive the physical documents today; those will be ready in the next day or two and picked up by pastor Didier’s friend then shipped DHL to Lubumbashi.)

Below is a Instagram snapshot of a box some other adoptive friends sent for Ken to take to Pastor Didier for the orphanage.  Ken’s allowed two suitcases and a carry on.  Most his things will be in the carry-on bag, and the other suitcase will have whatever’s in this box. (I’ve not finished sounding its depths, but it seems to contain flannel dolls, toy cars, clothing, and shoes among other good things.)  We also hope to squeeze in a few more blankets which Pastor Didier said would be a blessing.

Congo Bound

Congo bound

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