Spirograph Timelines; Sovereign Design

I’ve been meaning to update about adoption progress, but it’s hard to know what to say when events are a jumble of regress, progress and going in circles. Overall, we have been moving forward, even if our timeline looks like it was drawn via Spirograph.

Last Monday was supposed to be Kiffanie’s embassy appointment. We hoped that by now she’d be back in Lubumbashi with her travel Visa.  Just two working days prior to the the appointment date, we received an email that a few visa specific documents were needed in addition to her passport, medical appointment and the full dossiers of our USCIS paperwork.  The forms duplicate information already contained in our home study and the other reams of documents, but bureaucracy mandates redundancy.  Another surprise was that they now require original documents, not scanned copies for this step, so we needed to rush paperwork to them via DHL.

In a mad scramble to mail documents that same day, we printed forms, made phone calls, and Ken collected one document from his work (out of state) all in the same breathless afternoon.  We found out about the need for documents around 9:30 am.  By 3:00 pm, Ken had gotten documents from his work in Colorado, we’d waded through the other necessary forms, and everything was enroute to the Congo!

DHL did an amazing job! It was the most expensive postage we’ve ever paid, but they arrived in Kinshasa by Sunday evening–in time for the original appointment date. Unfortunately, the consulate had already rescheduled us, and the person in charge of reviewing the documents or setting appointments was out of the office for the week.

Didier dropped the documents by the embassy today, and someone there looked them over and believes them to be in order.  For official word, however, we must wait until our rescheduled appointment this coming Monday.

We are praying fervently for the upcoming appointment.  Pastor Didier must head back to Lumbumbashi this coming Tuesday.  He’s been in Kinshasa 5 weeks, most of which was on our behalf. That’s a long time away from his family, from the churches he pastors, and from his many other responsibilities! We are in awe and grateful for the sacrifices this man has made to help get Kiffanie home. His love for his Lord, and for the children in his care is an inspiration.

At this point, we are still trusting that all will go well at the embassy appointment, and we’ve kept Ken’s travel plans the same. By God’s grace Ken will be in Lubumbashi with Kiffanie in less than two weeks! Two weeks from now, I hope to  gaze at a photo of Ken holding our curly-headed little daughter; Three weeks from now, I hope to tuck both tired travelers into their beds after a joyous PrairieFrog welcome home!

We are excited, but to be honest, we are also weary.  It is almost time–or is it? We want to seize the travel dates with enthusiasm and confidence–yet we also acknowledge that delays are a real possibility, and that God might have different schedule than is reflected on our travel itinerary.

Ultimately, we know that God has Kiffanie, the Congolese government, the US Government, our family, and the entire universe in the palm of His loving hands; hands that formed us from dust, and bear nail scars on our behalf.

And the Spirograph adoption timeline? Time rarely is neat, linear and tidy. When we are amidst it, it seems to meander aimlessly, yet when viewed from a few paces back, we recognize a design, a purpose and an intricately beautiful pattern.

Spirograph Timelines

Spirograph Timelines

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One Response to Spirograph Timelines; Sovereign Design

  1. chautona says:

    You will soon know what I mean when I quote ““People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.”


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