We have tickets!

We have travel dates and e-tickets!  We’d initially hoped to travel by the end of this Month, but as I mentioned in the previous post, passport processing time has lengthened since the last Congolese adoption we knew of.  Things are always changing in independent, international adoption in the D.R.Congo.

Today, I had the honor of talking with our amazing travel agent, Erica.   She worked to find us some fabulous rates and get everything in line for travel!

The present itinerary is for Ken to fly out in the evening of April 28th.  He’ll arrive in Lubumbashi and meet our precious Kiffanie on April 30th in the afternoon.

We considered having him there just 7 days, because only a few days are necessary to gather paperwork, but because things sometimes don’t go according to plan, and because it’s a beautiful chance to see a bit of Kiffanie’s birth land, he decided to extend it to 10 days.

Kiffanie and Ken will fly out of Lubumbashi in the afternoon of May 10th, and arrive home late afternoon on May 11th!

This all is, of course, just the flight schedule.  Flights can be delayed and such, so times are approximations.  Still, it’s exciting to have a date on the calendar!

Kiffanie’s excitment starts this week with a journey to Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo!  She and Didier depart this Friday, March 16th.  (Begin praying on Thursday–they are 8 hours ahead of us.)   Pastor Didier tells us that Kiffanie is very excited about the plane ride to Kinshasa and has been asking every morning when they leave!  (She’ll be the first of my children to have an flight she can remember–Kaira flew once as an infant, but doesn’t remember it.  None of the others have been on a plane!)  It’s about 1,000 miles from Lubumbashi to Kinshasa, and much of it over dense rain forest, so air travel is the most practical mode of transportation for such treks.

We’d appreciate prayers for their safety, health, and protection on the journey. They’ll be in Kinshasa a full month to obtain her passport and medical exams. Document drop off for her embassy appointment is April 12th, then the appointment itself is April 16th.  After that, they head back to Lubumbashi, to wait for her Daddy to fly from Wyoming to bring her home.

May, 11th, 2012; the end of the journey to bring her home, but the adventure will just be beginning!

Kiffanie; Across the World

painting done for us by Heather Young of elasah.com; A representation of Kiffanie peering at us across the world.

Harp & Hammers DRC fact:  Instead of a “fact” today, I give you the Democratic Republic of Congo’s national anthem!  Click here to play the anthem and read the lyrics in French and English.  (You’ll need to click on the red arrow in the upper right of the linked page to hear the MP3 file.)

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One Response to We have tickets!

  1. Kama says:

    Hi! Someone recently found your blog and sent it to me. We are looking at independent international adoption, so I am interested in your story. We haven’t started the process at all, but we really know that God is leading us toward adoption. I am encouraged to see that people are still able to adopt internationally without an agency. I haven’t been able to read all of your story yet, but I know it has been difficult. One of my friends adopted a little boy from Uganda in 3 months a few years ago and I’m amazed that it was so quick. I see that yours has taken longer. I look forward to hearing more of your story. If you have some advice, please share!

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