A September Birthday

Today’s email brought documents–including the date assigned as Kiffanie’s birthday; September 13th 2007! Kieran (Born March 25th of that same year) is bursting with pride that he’ll be an older brother!   She’ll “set off” our season of fall and winter birthdays, and hers will likely be the first birthday celebrated in our home after her arrival.


Harp & Hammers DRC Fact:  The largely landlocked Democratic Republic of Congo depends on the strength of the Congo River for transportation and livelihood. The most powerful river in Africa (and second most powerful in the world), the Congo River is said to have enough hydroelectric power to light up every home in all southern Africa.  Fed by many tributaries from both sides of the equator, it maintains a prestigious flow all year round, but is especially awe inspiring during the rainy season when over 50,000 cubic meters of water per second flow into the Atlantic Ocean.

The Congo River near Mossaka

The Congo River near Mossaka

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One Response to A September Birthday

  1. dramich says:

    Very happy about that. Another step in the process.

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