We Overlook Details, God Never Does.

Today, we received news of a hefty, immediate, adoption expense that had escaped our notice–due to our own lack of attentiveness to details.  God is gracious; it seems He’s placed a safety net beneath us, and the delay while we liquefy the funds to cover it will be minimal.

It’s all a good reminder to us of a recurring theme we’ve been seeing through this whole process; it’s Grace that provides.  God is gracious and He is shown strong strong in our weakness and our failings. We overlook details, but no detail escapes His sovereign notice.   So many details in the months ahead are shrouded to us; both in the process of getting her home, and then in helping her transition once she’s here.  What encouragement to know that God has foreseen all the details and works them to His glory, guiding us step-by-step, for His purposes!

Many things can happen, but we rejoice that we are still on the projected schedule to bring her home in a couple months!

Democratic Republic of Congo, In Central Africa

Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa

Harp and Hammers DRC Fact:  Electrical Storms are dramatic in The Democratic Republic of Congo, where lightening strikes down more often each year than it does on  any other spot on earth.  Most of this lightening activity is concentrated in the mountains of the eastern DRC, around the tiny town of Kifuka.  Lightening strikes down 158 times per year in the DRC.  (The United States of America has four times the land area of the Democratic Republic of Congo and is hit by lightening an average of  only 59 times per year.)   

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