Encouraging News for a New Year!

We got the following encouraging news from Pastor Didier this past week!

ABOUT KIFFANIE: [Our next adoption] I met with the president of the court and the burgomaster. If possible we should start the process.  This is a very good time to start. Our ministry is known. If we start in January by the end of March everything will be ready.

Things rarely go exactly as planned with international adoptions, and the exact time-table is in God’s hands, but our hearts rejoice that the process is starting in earnest!

The recent election in the D.R. Congo was turbulent, but the incumbent president was re-elected.  Whether this is in the best interest of the Congolese people, I’m not qualified to say, but for the adoption process it should allow Pastor Didier to work with the same administration and officials he’s dealt with before.

Continued prayers for his work there, the three churches that Compassion for Congo supports, Pastor Didier’s health and protection over his family and the myriad of challenges he faces there are appreciated.  As always we treasure prayers that God will keep a hand of protection over little Kivern (wherever she may be) and on our Kiffanie–that God will be preparing her heart and mind for the changes ahead.

For our family, we appreciate prayers that God will provide every detail–from timing to documents to finances.  We pray also that God will prepare us–not only to bring her home, but to also meet her needs once she’s here, and that we can mirror His love and grace to all our children; that He’ll shine in our home despite our imperfections.

Enjoying a New Game as We Learn About Africa

Enjoying a New Game as We Learn About Africa

Harp and Hammers DRC Fact:  there are currently over 5,000,000 orphaned children in the Democratic Republic of Congo – approximately the same number as the entire population of the state of Colorado.

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2 Responses to Encouraging News for a New Year!

  1. stina says:

    oh bless! that is awesome to hear! congratulations for the good news!

  2. JPRG says:


    Nancy (on HK)

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