Book Blessings

A friend sent us some beautiful picture books in French!  (To find out more about our French linguistic journey, click here.)  We have resources to learn French, but when Christmas shopping for books for the children (books are a big part of our Christmas gift giving) I’d hoped for some French picture books.  Availability (without paying high shipping from Canada) was slim, and financial stewardship required I dismiss the notion.

Unaware of my unsuccessful quest for French picture books, my friend Anne sent me a beautiful assortment of treasures as a gift!  What a blessing and a treat!  (She also sent me some deliciously creamy European chocolates to help ease adoption stress!  (A true friend!)  Now we have beautiful French picture books to enjoy as we learn French and to enjoy with Kiffanie when she arrives.  God answered a prayer I never even thought to pray!

Thank you, Anne!  The Babar book is already a special favorite, but they are all wonderful!  (I hope I got them all gathered for the picture, I had to pry some from hands with the promise they could have them back right after I took a photo.)

(Yes, this post has too many exclamation marks, but when it concerns books, chocolate, and preparing for Kiffanie, I can’t help but exclaim!!!)

Blessings in French!

Blessings in French!

Harp and Hammers DRC Fact:  The literacy rate in the Democratic Republic of Congo dropped 10% in ten years between 1995 and 2005.  Likely due to internal unrest and greater economic struggles, it went from 77.3% in 1995 to 67.2% in 2005. 

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