Across the World: Kiffanie’s Painting

Heather Young, the artist who painted the watercolor representing little Kivren (and the image featured on the girl’s fundraising CD), has done it again!

I love the light Heather captured in Kiffanie’s eyes, the texture of her hair, and her expectant look–as if she’s peering at us from across the ocean.

This is cropped in a little bit from the original painting (in order to fit it on the scanner bed.)   It’s a three color portrait in ultramarine, crimson lake, and raw sienna.

Because Kiffanie isn’t yet legally my daughter, and because photographs of children on the internet can be a touchy subject, I’ll not be posting photos of her publicly online until she’s home.  In the meantime, this artistic glimpse can give you a peek at our Kiffanie across the ocean in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kiffanie; Across the World

Painting by Heather Young of

Harp & Hammers DRC fact:  Copper was a valuable export and pivotal to the Democratic Republic of Congo’s economy.  When copper prices plummeted in 1974, the country’s economy collapsed.  

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