I600A Approval!

Today, a beautiful letter came in the mail!  The first of the two forms we file with USCIS (immigration) is approved!  We are officially another step closer!

In other news, the girls are excited!  CD sales thus far earned enough to contribute a little to our own adoption and to send extra toward other needs at the orphanage.  Both girls beamed as we mailed off the check this month!  If you’d like to contribute and receive a copy of the girl’s musical debut, click here.  (And thank you to those who have contributed!  We hope you enjoy the music!)

Harp and Hammers DRC Fact:  The Democratic Republic of Congo is the most populous French speaking country.  French is widely spoken throughout Africa and is the official language in the DRC.

French has been spoken since the DRC’s colonial period under Belgian rule, and was kept as the official language following Congolese independence.  It is the official language of the government, well-known by many professionals and the “educated classes” and facilitates communication between indigenous ethnic groups.   

French Speaking Countries in Africa

French Speaking Countries in Africa

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