Fingerprinting, Cliff Divers and Grizzly Bears

Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita

From early in the process the children asked almost daily about our federal fingerprinting appointment.  It brings us one step closer to bringing their sister home, but they also knew this fingerprinting would be scheduled in Denver–a city boasting thrilling attractions such as grandparents, the zoo, and a restaurant only the older two had visited–Casa Bonita.

I grew up near Casa Bonita.  It’s an interesting establishment–better known for it’s fun atmosphere than for the Velveta-American spoof on Mexican cuisine they call food.

All you can eat sopapillas with honey redeem the menu.  As a preschooler, I so enjoyed these sopapillas that when asked the cliché question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I responded that I wanted to make sopapillas at Casa Bonita.  Ironically, in my teens, a couple of friends pursued this very employment, but I bypassed fulfilling my preschool dreams.

Back to our dining experience:  Kieran nearly forgot to eat, he was so entranced.  When we weren’t being serenaded by mariachi bands serenade playing favorites like De Colores and La Cucaracha, there were cliff divers juggling flaming torches and leaping from the waterfall into the pool below.  After eating we walked through the mine shafts and found Black Bart’s cavern.  We made an early evening of it, then invaded my parents house again to eat ice cream (yes after sopapillas–it was chocolate and Häagen Dazs–how could we resist?) and crash for the night before our early morning fingerprinting appointment.

PrairieFrogs & Grandpa

PrairieFrogs & Grandpa at Casa Bonita (I love Keianna's hair action)

Fingerprinting was impressively efficient.  We were in and out in under 15 minutes, leaving a full day ahead for the zoo!   The animals seemed particularly active and engaging this zoo trip, but I took fewer pictures than usual. A few additional pictures from the Lorikeet exhibit at the zoo are posted here, on our “all purpose” PrairieFrog blog.

On the Train: At the Zoo

On the Train: At the Zoo

Grandpa Again

Grandpa Again

It’s good to have the fingerprinting step accomplished, placing us closer to meeting Kiffanie!  We’ve been told that the I600A approval (final approval of the first of two major forms for Immigration) usually follows within a week or two of fingerprints!  After this, we are on hold.  We can’t proceed until we have key documents from the Congo, and circumstances on that end are requiring a delay (likely until 2012).   We are praying for stability for the DRC through the upcoming election in November, for rest and health for Pastor Didier, and for God’s hand of protection on the orphanage and on our little Kiffanie.

Harp & Hammers DRC Fact: As mentioned before, there are over 700 languages and dialects in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Of these, five major languages stand out as official national languages.  Of these five official languages, three are Bantu languages, brought into the country originally from Southern Nigeria.  These three Bantu languages are Kikongo, Lingala and Tshiluba.  Swahili (or Kingwana, the Congolese dialect of Swahili) demonstrates an East African influence in the DRC.  French is the official governmental language.  Many Congolese are multilingual, using one language for official business, one for trade in the market, and yet another at home.

Major Bantu Languages in the DRC

Major African Languages in the DRC

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  1. kellycbf says:

    They can now cross Casa Bonita off their bucket list. It is a must experience experience for anyone who visits Denver. 🙂


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