Family Identity

"I'm Kiffanie's brother"

"I'm Kiffanie's brother"

I mixed up my boy’s names today, and Kieran promptly set the record straight identifying himself, “I’m Kieran.  I’m Kiffanie’s brother!” (Of course, that makes Keegan her brother too, but this fact was apparently irrelevant to Kieran at the moment.)

I smiled to see that she’s such a big part of his identity already!  Kieran isn’t the only one: Keegan keeps forgetting and setting an extra place at the table even though it will be months till Kiffanie joins us for a meal. The girls have been debating who will get to sit next to her in the Suburban (our new-to-us Suburban that seats 8!) on the way back from the airport.

The children aren’t naive.  They know (too well) the hazards and uncertainties of international adoption, yet they choose hope, faith, and love. What a beautiful testimony to my own weak faith, encouraging me to love fully and humbly!  Yes, uncertainties lie ahead, but that precious little girl–our Kiffanie–is worth it!

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Kiffanie's BrotherKiffanie’s Brother-
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2 Responses to Family Identity

  1. sodbusters says:

    awww! Faith like a child.

    P.S. Where did you find that shirt?

  2. Dell says:

    I’m not sure where we got the shirt. Most of our cutest little boy shirts were hand-me downs from my sister’s son. I’m guessing that’s where it came from? It’s what he had on. 🙂 I just checked the tag and it’s “Little Legends” brand if that helps any?

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