Biometrics Scheduled

Today I opened the mail box to find letters from the Department of Homeland Security notifying us of our federal fingerprinting appointment!  We already had one set of fingerprints done for our home study with the local approving agency, but these are yet another level required to pave the way for Kivren’s immigration.

It’s encouraging to see something happening even when we know it’s just “hurry up and wait.” (The children are also hopeful that fingerprinting in Denver may include a trip to the zoo. We’ll see!)

(If you’d like to contribute to the orphans in Lubumbashi including our own wee girl, the older girls have recorded a music CD to benefit these causes.  If you can spare $1 (or more), you can download the MP3 files.  If you donate $10 (or more), you may choose the physical CD.)

Harp and Hammers DRC Fact:  Enrollment rate for for elementary-aged students in the Democratic Republic of Congo is about 50%.  There are no public schools, and many cannot afford private school tuition.

Click to contrubute

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