Today’s date is 9-10-11, and Harp & Hammers’ moment of reckoning has arrived! As I push “publish” on this entry, I’ll make this site public!

Both this blog and the CD project behind it were inspired by Kaira and Kendra’s heart to contribute to an amazing little orphanage in Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and to help with the adoption of their own little sister.  You can read more on the “About  Us” page.

They’ve recorded an album to benefit these causes.  To donate and receive a copy of their musical debut, click here.  (Or click on the Album Cover below.)

I hope you’ll enjoy this site.  We’ll continue to update it as our adoption journey (and musical journey) progresses.  At the end of each page or blog entry we’ll share an interesting fact about the land, people or culture of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Stay tuned and learn along with us about this fascinating and diverse country!

Harp & Hammers DRC Fact: The Democratic Republic of Congo has been known as the Belgian Congo, Congo-Kinshasa, Congo Free State,
Congo-Leopoldville, and Zaire.

Click to contrubute

Click to contribute

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