Rambling Minutiae

Today brought an email from USCIS (the United States governmental department for Immigration) stating that the first of our two application forms is being processed!

Due to necessary delays on the Congo side, it will likely be January before we can file the second form, but each step completed brings encouragement. (And it’s good to be ready should things move more quickly than anticipated.)

In production news, I think I’ve gotten the MP3 files set up online!  It took almost an entire day.  (Yikes, and I’m already a week behind in getting our fall homeschool term started!  I’ll be scrambling tomorrow to finish my planning and get us going Monday!)

Tomorrow, this site will be unveiled!  Tonight I’m curling up on the couch to watch Cranford.

Until Tomorrow!

Harp & Hammers DRC Fact: The Democratic Republic of Congo received its independence from Belgium on June 30th, 1960.  Last year (2010) marked 50 years of turbulent independence.

Kaira and Kendra with Harp and Dulcimer

Kaira and Kendra with Harp and Dulcimer

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