CDs and MP3 files are here!

I’m uploading the MP3 files to my hosting service and trying to make sure I catch any bugs before we go live.  Our internet connection is a quite slow, making the process take more time than I’d have imagined, but we are nearly there!

Even a rather sluggish and flickering internet connection is an amazing tool and has been an astounding blessing through the whole adoption process.  It’s wondrous to me that I can get a whole dossier of documents from my hard-drive to Didier’s laptop in Lubumbashi in a few hours time!  (Didier is the pastor of the orphanage and an amazing man, standing in as a father figure to our little Kivren and to other precious children in the DRC.  We are blessed that our wee girl is in his care.)

Here’s a photo of the actual finished product!  I have a whole box sitting on my desk, patiently waiting for me to finish setting up the purchase options.   Those who wish to contribute will be able to chose either the Digital Album (available as MP3 download) or the physical version.

Finished Product

Finished Product!

Harp & Hammers DRC Fact:  FooFoo (also spelled foufou or fufu) is a staple food in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  To make this thick, pasty dish, starchy root vegetables are boiled, then pounded with mortar and pestle to the desired consistency.

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