An encouraging link: He’s not done yet

For any who are waiting–for anything–here’s a blog post I read this morning with a beautiful testimony that He’s Not Done Yet.  It brought me a much appreciated reminder to keep my eyes fixed on the eternal as we walk moment by moment and trust and obey.  The author shares her own struggles–of feeling confused and bewildered as they waded through an adoption process that appeared to be going in circles, but had a divine plan that was straight and true from a perspective she just couldn’t see yet.   It’s an encouraging read for any who are waiting and wondering in any context.

Right now, it seems  like we are going around in circles.  In fact, a friend at church encouraged me wisely last week, “Ah, going in circles?  Just think of it as a dance.” Indeed it is a dance, and it can be grace-full.”

Harp & Hammers DRC Fact: Climate in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is tropical and much of the region is rainforest. The country’s name is derived from the Congo river. The basin of the Congo River (and it’s many tributaries) occupies nearly the entire country and an area of nearly 390,000 sq mi. It is a beautiful country with flowing waterfalls, rich in minerals and diverse in plant and animal life.

Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa

Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa

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